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Hello! My name is Andrea. Now days people better know me as Auntie in the MPG world of Wartune or Auntie Andrea in the world of Graphics and Scrapbookings. I fell in love with graphics design back in the 90's and going strong since. Learned how to use Daz, Poser, Photoshop and PSP from online tutorials. Many of my designs are on Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt and many other POD sites. I also have my own website going, well crawling really. Besides graphics I play Wartune. Got addicted back when the US version first became available back in 2012. I am a Guild Master of Exodus, a very friendly bunch of people, I call my online Family. So this is me in a nut shell...

Monday, September 15, 2008

PolkaDot Layout

Sharing a layout I've made today for a friend.

Three separate ZIP files for faster download.

1st ZIP includes the Frames, Flowers, Bookplates and Bows in PNG format.
2nd ZIP includes the Layout in JPG format.
3rd ZIP includes the Background without any Frames in JPG format.

Personal or Commercial Use is allowed as long as the original elements are not included in any kits or collections.

Click on the picture to download the files.

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